365 Project – Week 17


365_L (113)

I am not quite sure what this expression is about.


365_A (113)

Busy day.


365_L (114)

Warmly wrapped in the stroller.


365_A (114)

Stroller nap.


365_A (115)

Quick photo with dada in the morning before work.


365_L (115)


365_A (116)

Halloween.  We had one forest fairy, spiderman, little red riding hood (with a dash of darth vader’s cloak), and of course Captain America (first t-shirt I ever made!).  And we had a very successful trick or treating expedition within a three block radius of our house.  As always, we made sure to include our trash cans in our family photo.


365_L (116)

Little red riding hood meets Darth Vader on a chilly October evening and this is the result.


365_L (117)

The sign behind the babies basically says it all: when driving long distances we need both cupcakes and coffee.


365_A (117)

And it helps if Grandpa can come last minute to meet us.


365_A (118)

The faintest dusting of snow.  We made it to Asheville and straight onto the Blue Ridge Parkway for a scenic drive.  Needless to say Akiva was not quite as thrilled about the snow as his older siblings.


365_L (118)

Snow, fall foliage, absurd blue bonnet.  Blue Ridge Parkway.


365_L (119)

Why yes, of course we packed the halloween costumes for extra photos on our trip.


365_A (119)

The many admiring comments we got on this very short hike served to either convince us that we were doing something quite impressive or made us wonder if we looked so overwhelmed that everyone was trying to cheer us on.  Henry wore Milo on his back and Akiva on his front and I carried Linnea and cajoled Talia into walking the short path from the parking lot to this beautiful waterfall.  Definitely worth it.


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