365 Project – Week 18


365_L (121)

Hotel room showdown, Asheville.  Henry took a full week before starting his new job so we headed off to the mountains for a relaxing family vacation.


365_A (120)

Whoops, slight creative numbering here.  Late afternoon at the Asheville Botanical Gardens.


365_L (120)

Asheville Botanical Garden.  Photo taken directly before a rousing performance of Let it Go in the empty amphitheater by Talia and Milo.


365_A (121)

Trying to help Kiwi set with the assistance of many hotel pillows.  Obviously not a total success but he looks pretty happy.


365_A (122)

Just the type of place Asheville specializes in – an abandoned warehouse turned artists’ studio.


365_L (122)

Artist studios, Asheville.


365_L (123)

Taubman Museum in Roanoke has a very impressive interactive children’s room.  Linnea enjoyed chewing on several of their toys and also trying to eat the remnants of Talia and Milo’s collage projects.


365_A (123)

Tram at the Virginia Transportation Museum.  Very cool little outdoor playground.


365_A (124)

Hotel photo, Roanoke.  We were so tired by this point in the trip that we tried to have fast food delivered to the hotel for dinner just to avoid one more stop on the long journey North.


365_L (125)

Back to our own favorite playground.


365_A (125)

Home again, home again abd back into a favorite superhero t-shirt (favorite of Milo’s that is, Akiva being fairly agnostic about clothes entirely).


365_A (126)

Brothers holding hands.  On the way to class class, Mt. Rainer.


365_L (126)

Stroller smiles.


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