365 Project – Week 20


365_A (134)

Oh that toothless grin!


365_L (134)

Sisters getting ready for storytime.


365_A (135)

Oh yes, every once in a while Akiva gets a turn in the baby hammock … even if he rarely bothers to take a nap.


365_L (135)

One baby with a side of breakfast.


365_L (136)

Ah, the proverbial post-yoga nap.  Linnea far prefers observing her fellow neighborhood babies to the actual yoga moves, but since she is a bit “high muscle tone” (all within the normal range), the exercises are actually quite good for her.


365_A (137)

If you are wondering how yoga class goes with two babies, well it helps to have a really nice teacher who likes to have a “model” baby with her.


365_L (137)

Linnea and dada.


365_A (136)

Artfully arranged by Milo.  Elephant, monkey, baby in an absurd 80s construction outfit and of course Milo’s beloved Spiderman wallpaper (credit: Target wrapping paper aisle).




Baby stare-down.  When they both grab for the same toy, Linnea wins about 90% of the time.


365_A (138)

Aunt Lynn visit.


365_L (139)

Linnea has spent hours staring at her fish friends.  Akiva prefers the bouncer which does not move.  Both are located in the kitchen for when the babies join us for meals.


365_A (139)

Oh the joys of ikea.  Lots of room to play and plenty of furniture to climb on.  We were shopping for 6th birthday party favors, of course.


365_A (140)

Playtime showdown.


365_L (140)

Hello Delaware rest area pre-Thanksgiving rush, we have come for coffee.  Thankfully we were able to bring along our wonderful babysitter Bri on the drive (in lieu of Henry who came up a few days later).


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