365 Project – Week 21

Well only a year and a half late, but no reason not to jump right in to our 365 project.  Once I get these photos up I have oodles of cute photos from the past year which also include Talia and Milo.  I obviously got stuck because we have a few days out of order here and due to our entirely incoherent back-up system it is hard to confirm the actual photo date as opposed to the name we saved it under.

141A365_A (141)Sometimes a guy just needs a nap.

141L365_L (141)Long Island at last!


365_A (142)

Big brother love at the Delaware rest area.  And of course a helping hand from Bri.


365_L (142)

Slightly skeptical of life in the beautifully manicured ‘burbs.


365_A (143)

Bathtime with Nainai.


365_L (143)

Hat!  Just getting ready for winter.


365_L (144)

Wrestling match in the living room at Yeye and Nainai’s.


365_A (144)

Thanksgiving snuggles.  And new matching outfits.


365_A (145)

And here we are with the matching Thanksgiving outfits.


365_L (145)

Home again and enjoying the fall foliage at Garfield Park.  Well at least some of us were enjoying the fall foliage.  (Probably some chronology issues here – will check dates)


365_A (146)

All dressed up at Yeye and Nainai’s.


365_L (146)


A real nap to celebrate our return in the hammock.


365_A (147)

Oh no, Akiva did not escape the fall leaves.


365_L (147)

Happy baby with just a hint of a friar hair cut.


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